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1 Invisible door lock

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Hotel security is an issue that often rears its head for all the wrong reasons. Hoteliers are left with the challenge of making hotel stays safe without turning the hotel into a fortified prison.

But a breakthrough of the positive kind has been made by VingCard Elsafe, the company behind the world’s first invisible door lock —Essence by VingCard.

This new concept in locking design and technology takes minimalism to the extreme, eliminating all lock hardware on the door by encasing electronic components inside the door itself.

Interior electronics include Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communication (NFC) compatible locking technologies.

ASSA Abloy Hospitality president Tim Shea said: “Essence by VingCard represents another giant leap forward in hotel design and technology.

It not only makes the lock disappear from the hotel door, resolving design challenges for savvy, design-conscious hoteliers, but it also minimises a variety of operational issues, such as integration, installation and maintenance.”

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