Warren Baverstock, Aquarium Operations Manager at Burj Al Arab Warren Baverstock, Aquarium Operations Manager at Burj Al Arab

6:00am - Wake up with sound of call to prayer from the mosque. Watch the news before getting a shower, shave and breakfast.

7:30am - Drop into Mina A’ Salam Hotel, where our two outdoor turtle rehabilitation pens are, and carry out visual health checks.

7:55am - With sun roof open, a quick drive across the bridge to the Burj Al Arab.

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8:am - Perform a quick walk through to make sure that the water is in the holding tanks and not on the floor and finally, an observation of the livestock.

8.30am - Check and respond to emails followed by the daily briefing – sitting with my husbandry and engineering team we go through every aspect of the department.

9.30am - Observe feeding behaviour and weight gain progress of newly born Zebra Sharks. Inspect the integrity of newly laid eggs and check for embryo development.

10.00 am - A walk through of the quarantine areas, looking at the juvenile bamboo sharks which have been reared at the facility.

10:30am - Closely inspectmany sick turtles that are undergoing intensive rehabilitation.

12.30pm - Respond to emails from the likes of vets regarding individual turtle health cases, local fish food suppliers, marketing department for aquarium and turtle media opportunities and school educational visits.

2pm - Follow up operational acquisitions.

3pm - Get my wetsuit and dive in our main exhibit to carry out a close examination of one of our sharks that has been behaving strangely.

4pm - Cleanliness check.

6pm - The municipality brings in a sick sea turtle weighing a massive 98kg that needs every member of the team to try and move it.

7pm - Back at home, I log online and check the aquarium monitor to make sure that the life support system works appropriately.