Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi.

The general manager of Abu Dhabi’s most iconic hotel, Emirates Palace, has revealed there are “eight to nine” improvement projects underway at the property.

“On the physical [aspects], obviously we have been open since 2005, we have several projects, eight to nine, that we are currently working on,” said Bugra Berberoglu, general manager, Emirates Palace.

“We are working on our all-day dining room in the Dome, we are working on a project at the west beach where we are going to look into the offerings that we have there, also the improvements at the beach,” said Berberoglu.

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“We are looking at a new outlet — there are several options how we going to do it. We are also looking at the entry lobby setup,” he added.

Berberoglu explained the projects formed part of his long-term strategy to “secure the coming 10 years of the hotel”.

“Those are big projects and it takes some time but I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel — very exciting,” he said.