Melissa Salibi Melissa Salibi

Melissa Salibi, HR director at Raffles Dubai, shares her top interview tips and reveals recruitment plans

What roles are you currently recruiting for?
We are currently hiring entry level positions in F&B, rooms division and engineering. Candidates can check out our vacancies on the Raffles website, under the careers section.

What are the three main character attributes you look for?
Raffles is a very classic, stylish and iconic hotel brand. Therefore, making a great first impression is really important. Potential candidates need to pay attention to their grooming and presentation.

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A positive, friendly and outgoing personality is also key, as we are not simply looking for people to fill the positions – our colleagues are competent individuals, with the opportunity to be creative and make decisions on their own.

Naturally, we are always open to hire fresh talent without previous experience as long as the attitude is right. We need someone who is welcoming, thoughtful, charming and graceful.

What are your top interview tips?
Come prepared (research the hotel), be presentable, look fresh and alert, talk with confidence and make sure to have the correct body language. Let the other person feel that you want to get started right away, and, of course, be on time!

What benefits over and above the usual does your company offer?
All levels receive two days off a week, which contributes greatly to a healthy work life balance. Raffles is linked with Fairmont and Swissotel, which provides plenty of opportunities for internal transfers, both lateral and medial.

We have a strong Colleague Welfare Committee, arranging monthly colleague events. We also offer an abundance of learning and development opportunities to all our colleagues so they can improve their knowledge, skills and attitudes with the help of our training course directory.

So, how do I get a job with you?
Be yourself, show me you that are passionate in what you do and that you are a sincere host. Believe in yourself, your capabilities and give me lots of examples from real life.