Micheline Vieira leads guest relations at Grand Hyatt Muscat. Micheline Vieira leads guest relations at Grand Hyatt Muscat.

Guest relations team leader for Grand Hyatt Muscat in Oman, Micheline Vieira, says attention to detail is paramount and explains why customers are always right

What are your main responsibilities as the guest relations team leader?
Being part of guest relations for me is a gift. I have worked in the hospitality industry for more than nine years in different departments but this is my first role in guest relations.

Being in contact with guests, ensuring that all requests are completed and that the guest has a pleasant stay, is what motivates me every day. My role consists of making sure that guests are happy from the moment they step into the hotel until they leave.

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Occasionally, our relationship with the guest remains even after they’ve left the hotel and we continue to provide superior customer service.

What are the biggest challenges of the role?
Explaining to my team the importance of every single detail and that each detail makes a difference. Attention to detail is very important in our role.

How much do you use technology in your role and in what ways is this developing?
Technology is used daily in my role. The essential things are a computer and internet access because I have to stay in touch with guests at all times, ensuring that their requirements are fulfilled and communicating with the rest of the employees at the hotel regarding guest arrival/departure etc.

Being part of guest relations we need be very well informed about what is going on in town, such as knowing about events, concerts, etc. We need to keep up to date with international happenings in order to talk about different topics with a guest.

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