View from a Topsy Turvy Hotel Dubai guestroom View from a Topsy Turvy Hotel Dubai guestroom

The world’s first upside-down hotel is expected to open in Dubai in 2013, Hotelier Middle East can reveal. 

The novel Topsy Turvy Dubai Hotel, designed by UAE-based Headfirst Design, features 100 unique rooms with 'hanging' lights springing up from the floors and ladders up to beds suspended from the ceilings. 

Each room is serviced by the Topsy Turvy butler service, helping to strap guests into bed. 

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Guests are recommended to sleep for no longer than four hours to prevent them from becoming too disorientated. 

"Dubai's a leader in world firsts and the concept of an upside down hotel fits the market perfectly," commented Dawn Edispu, CEO, Headfirst Design. 

"Furniture, including wardrobes and bedside tables are all suspended from the ceiling - it's something the market has never seen before. All furniture and ornaments are lined with velcro to keep them in place," she added. 

The hotel also features an upside down all-day dining restaurant and spa. 

Happy April Fools' Day from the Hotelier Middle East team.