A pizzeria in Dubai is trialling a new gadget which allows customers to order from home by simply pressing a button on a fridge magnet.

Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai has simplified the convenience factor, making ordering take-out food practically effortless.

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The magnet, called the VIP Fridge Magnet, is a pizza box shaped magnet and has a direct connection to the pizzeria.

All a customer has to do is push the button, this triggers a connection to the internet via Bluetooth on a smartphone.

Red Tomato Pizza sends a confirmation text and proceeds to deliver the order, according to reports in technology magazines. It also gives the customer the option to cancel.

Several years ago the ability to order food online was launched, and has become commonplace as a method for ordering take-out.

As technology progressed, this method was made even easier through use of smartphone apps, as Dominos Pizza has done.

More than 70 percent of magnet owners are already repeat customers, said Red Tomato which added that it is now out of magnets and has ordered more.

It didn't say how many have actually been sold.

“In Dubai, everyone wants everything delivered,” restaurant owner Rehan Shah told TODAY.com.

"When we heard about the idea from our marketing agency, we knew right away it would work for our customers. In a short amount of time, we have been amazed at its popularity. This small magnet has put our brand in a new position."