Delta Faucet's new Champagne Bronze finish Delta Faucet's new Champagne Bronze finish

Delta Faucet has introduced new technologies and finishes to its selection of products.

The company has unveiled its new technology which enables a four-inch field around the faucet allowing for hands-free use. Unlike many others, this does not use infrared or optics, but still has a reaction time of two seconds after the user removes their hands.

The Proximity Sensing Technology has now been implemented over two of Delta’s fucet styles – Arzo and Grail, which are both constructed of solid brass. “The combination of Delta Faucet’s Proximity Sensing Technology and the Arzo and Grail spout designs are perfect for today’s market,” said Ken Martin, director of Delta brand commercial business development.

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He added: “Smart technology paired with relevant designs backed by the Delta brand’s history of creating trusted commercial grade products, make this technology and these faucet styles winners all around.”

As well as the new technology, the company has released two new finishes – Arctic Stainless and Champagne Bronze across its kitchen ranges.

Helga Feghali, marketing manager for Delta Faucet Middle East, said: “The Arctic Stainless finish has cool blue undertones and mimics the finish of popular appliances and sinks, allowing consumers to achieve a more coordinated look.

“On the other hand, the Champagne Bronze finish provides consumers with the option of a warmer, more traditional hue,” she added.