The new range of customisable chefs' uniforms from A.Ronai The new range of customisable chefs' uniforms from A.Ronai

Uniforms for kitchen staff are to become more luxurious and important to hotel and restaurant branding, industry experts have told Hotelier.

Neeraj Katyal, senior business development manager at Food Specialities LLC, which distributes Chef Works uniforms, said: “When hotels bring in new dining concepts, we are getting requests to bring more colours into the uniforms in the shirts or coats or aprons.”

Nicholas Dujardin, Middle East area manager at Bragard LLC, said: “I think there will be more and more modern designs in kitchen uniforms, with different colours. Previously it was only in other departments where hotels could distinguish themselves as being different to other hotels, but this is taking place now in kitchens as well.

“They want to be different and promote the brand from their kitchen, so now they are designing their own uniforms,” Dujardin added.

To meet this demand, A.Ronai LLC has introduced a line of customisable chefs’ jackets, which available in combinations of 48 colours.

Rick Shonfeld, commercial director at Tibard, said that chefs are also opting for the more luxurious uniforms, and has introduced Oliver Hardy chefs’ jackets, which have “a focus on the details”, to meet this demand.

“They are not just small, medium and large – they are fitted in two inch increments. They are Egyptian cotton. This luxury chefwear has never been available before, but with kitchen becoming more open to guests, chefs are going for this kind of tailored jacket.”

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