The Cravia team receive the Focus Brands award in the Bahamas The Cravia team receive the Focus Brands award in the Bahamas

Cravia, the parent company of well-known franchises Cinnabon, Seattle’s Best Coffee and Zaatar w Zeit, recently won its third title as Franchise Partner of the Year, chosen among 50 international markets, for its Cinnabon and Seattle’s Best Coffee operations, at the Focus Brands Worldwide convention held in the Bahamas.

It's the third win for the company, and Cravia continues to be seen as a leader in the franchise community for its well-executed operations and marketing strategies.

Cravia CEO, Walid Hajj, said about the win: “We appreciate each award as it highlights the hard work and dedication that we consistently put forward in order to make our franchises stand out in the region for their quality. Winning this prestigious award once is an honour, winning it three times is an unmatched achievement and a medal of honour in Cravia’s track record.”

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The Focus Brand Worldwide Awards, which take place every two years, honour excellence among worldwide franchisees.

In addition to winning Franchise Partner of the Year, Cravia was also recognised for excellent sales in 2009 and 2010 for Cinnabon, takingn first place for Abu Dhabi Corniche and second for Mirdif City Centre.

Seattle’s Best Coffee was also recognised as having the second best sales in 2010 for Mirdif City Centre and the British Embassy in Abu Dhabi, and third in 2009.