Chamila Jayasingha wins big at Salon Culinaire 2012 Chamila Jayasingha wins big at Salon Culinaire 2012

Sous chef artist Chamila Jayasingha from Atlantis Hotel Dubai picked up  two gold medals and one bronze last night in the first Salon Culinaire prize-giving ceremony of 2012.

He won gold in the Best Showpiece and Chocolate Showpiece categories and took bronze for his Live Ice Carving.

Jayasingha, who has been with the hotel for eight years, modestly said about his wins: "It's my job, I have to do well." But his team mates insisted he has a natural talent.

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"I create my pieces in my imagination first," Jayasinga said. "I am always thinking of new ideas and I like to tell a story in my pieces.

"For my showpiece I was inspired by the X-Men movie and created a figure like an X-Man being shot by a Chinese fighter."

Jayasingha practised for six weeks before the competition, fitting in preparation around his day-to-day job.

"You don't sleep," he said. "Your day and your night is your job. But it's worth it. Salon Culinaire is good for my future and it helps me to grow."

When asked what his ambition in life is, Jayasingha replied: "I hope one day to be perfect in my work."