The new Bubbles & Boba outlet will open in January 2012 The new Bubbles & Boba outlet will open in January 2012

The UAE’s first dedicated bubble-tea concept, Bubbles & Boba, will launch this month in the Dubai Mall, bringing an array of flavours and combinations of the increasingly popular drink to the Middle East.

Bubble tea, also known as Boba tea, is a drink with added traditional tapioca pearls, which allow people to ‘eat what they drink’. Bubbles & Boba will also introduce a whole range of textures, including popping pearls, aloe vera, natae de coco, and fruity jelly.

“Bubble tea is something that you have to try in order to appreciate and understand just how delicious and interesting this drink can be,” said Alex Mir, co-founder of Bubbles & Boba.

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“It’s taken the world by storm and is huge in the America, European and Asian markets. The Middle East is ideal for the Bubbles & Boba concept thanks to the multicultural populatiopn who are interested in new and exciting products, and are aware of what is popular in other global markets.

“As bubble tea is such a fun idea in itself we have designed the concept to reflect this by having an extensive range of combinations that people can pick and choose themselves. The nature of the drink is interactive and engaging so we have carried this through the whole concept, even within our online and social media platforms.”

Husband and wife Bubbles & Boba founders, Alex and Honey, created the brand after experiencing bubble tea for the first time in America.

“It is a real craze and we saw a gap in the market to have somewhere that was dedicated to, and specialised in, a beverage that people both locally and internationally are buzzing about. Our plan is to open ten outlets in the UAE as well as take Bubbles & Boba both regional and international in the longer term,” added Mir.

The outlet is located on Level 2 of the Dubai Mall, with a second venue set to open shortly after in the Business Bay district, which will be capable of providing a delivery service to bubble tea fans.