Nabeel Kanoo, director of Kanoo Travel Nabeel Kanoo, director of Kanoo Travel

Kanoo Travel has anounced it is working closely with American Express on a strategy to overcome challenges and deliver product and service excellence in the Middle East region.

At its recently held Partner conference in Dubai, Kanoo Travel said it would invest further in technology and increase  collaboration with American Express by sharing global best practices and local expertise to offer customers only the best travel management solutions and services.

Kanoo Travel’s inaugural Partner conference titled ‘The Power of Partnership’, was a special initiative taken by Nabeel Kanoo, director of Kanoo Travel to bring together travel agencies and partners within the Kanoo and American Express partner network,. Kanoo Travel was able to collect feedback from industry partners and put together solutions to further deliver world-class business travel service in the region.

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Nabeel Kanoo, Director, Kanoo Travel said, “Kanoo Travel’s value proposition has been to work closely with our partners to offer our customers only the best travel products and services. To stay competitive and consolidate our position as market leaders, we needed to re-evaluate our position and make decisions on what needed to be done differently. In order to collaborate with our partners and prepare for future growth, we recently held our first Partner conference in Dubai, which was a huge success with some interesting feedback from our partners.”

“At the conference, we discussed the opportunity of shifting our focus from being a traditional travel agency to becoming a complete solutions provider with greater penetration of the online business, improved mobile solution offerings and increased footprint in strategic emerging markets. Going by the response we received at the conference, we look forward to making it an annual event, where Kanoo Travel and American Express can collectively improve services,” Mr. Kanoo added.

The Middle East travel market is expanding at an impressive rate with the region recording an 18.1% increase in air passenger demand from 2007 to 2010, when the global average was just 7.4%. With more international companies entering this market due to the infrastructure growth, there is a significant potential for the travel industry to grow further. Over the last few months, Kanoo Travel and American Express have been working on a range of initiatives designed to build on the foundation created with strategic partners in the region. Kanoo Travel is also working closely with its industry partners to offer innovative travel solutions, deliver premium value and provide a globally consistent high quality of service and advice to its regional customers.