General manager Daniel Fanselow General manager Daniel Fanselow

The Sifawy Boutique Hotel which opened last month in Oman, has already beaten expectations with more than 80% of its staff comprising Omani nationals.

"We managed to achieve a percentage of almost 80% Omanis which is quite significant. The industry average is definitely not 80%! Our requirement is about 35% from the Ministry of Manpower, and we’ve managed to achieve 80%," commented general manager Daniel Fanselow.

"From those 80%, about 40% are from nearby villages like Sifah," he continued. "It gives them and us a sense of belonging. The name ‘Sifawy’ translated into Arabic, means ‘from Sifah’. This was always the plan and we wanted with future developments that are coming up in the property, it makes sense. As developers, we don’t only invest in the land and the real estate but very much in the people."

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The Sifawy is a luxury boutique hotel with 55 rooms, managed by Egypt's Orascom Development.