Will there be any housekeeperd left if wages stay so low? Will there be any housekeeperd left if wages stay so low?

Low pay is causing housekeepers to move in to other departments, said executive housekeepers at a roundtable yesterday.

The average pay for housekeepers — estimated to be around just AED 1000 per month (US $272) — means they often to look to transfer to departments where it is possible to get bigger tips or a higher basic wage, the executives said.

Annette Damz, executive housekeeper, Grand Millennium Al Wahda explained: “In the hotel business we talk about retaining guests, but we also need to retain our staff. Housekeeping is one of the most hectic departments and the salary difference is so huge that they [staff] just move on.”

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“The biggest issue for me is staffing,” agreed Dilki Cooray, executive housekeeper Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek.
“We hire people and train them, then they find a higher salary somewhere else and they just move on,” she added.

Ibn Battuta Gate executive housekeeper Susana Pereira said that housekeeping departments had not seen much growth in recent years, and that this would have an impact on staff retention.