Gerard Kearney has been GM of The Aviation Club since 1995. Gerard Kearney has been GM of The Aviation Club since 1995.

The Aviation Club in Dubai celebrates its 20th anniversary this month following its inauguration in June 1991.

Gerard Kearney, general manager of the club since 1995, commented: “The Aviation Club’s evolution over 20 years is remarkable because it mirrors Dubai’s growth. With a membership portfolio of over 17 nationalities and over 19 for the staff, the club reflects the cosmopolitan make of the emirate.

“As the city evolves, it’s inevitable to see more competition; happily we have a very loyal following which keep coming back because of our fantastic services. While people experienced with new venues, we’re proud that more often than not, they return to The Aviation Club,” said Kearney.
To maintain its competitive edge, The Aviation Club has expanded over the years, from the opening of The Tennis Stadium in 1995 and The Irish Village in 1996 to the launch of Century Village — which has 12 licensed outlets — in 2000 and Akaru Spa in 2005.

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These changes will be “crowned by the opening of a new 293-room five-star hotel in fall 2011,” said Kearney.

Located next to The Aviation Club, Jumeirah Creekside Hotel — managed by Dubai luxury operator Jumeirah Group — is expected to in September.

“Obviously the new hotel is adding a new dimension to the business,” said Kearney.

“While The Aviation Club has always been a membership-based club, the addition of the hotel will bring it upward on the travel ladder and will increase its already existing international renown. 2011 will definitely see a push towards the outbound market while keeping the focus on the local market with the popular Irish Village, Dubai Tennis Stadium and Century Village,” he added.