Flexsil-Lid founder Albert David. Flexsil-Lid founder Albert David.

An overall award for innovation was especially created to recognise the achievement of little-known Australian start-up business Flexsil-Lid Pty Ltd at the Gulfood Awards ceremony, held on 27 January 2011 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

With a background in national security, company founder Albert David risked his “kids’ inheritance” to make it from “the backstreets of Sydney” to the Gulfood fair this year.

“Until 10 days ago I hadn’t actually heard of the Gulfood awards before,” admitted David.

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The risk paid off – Flexsil-Lid Pty Ltd not only scooped the award for Best New Catering Equipment Innovation but won such admiration from the judging panel that a new award for innovation was created to recognise the company’s achievement.

The innovative lid – which is designed to be resistant to both the heat of ovens and the cold of freezers – won the admiration of Radisson Blu chef Uwe Micheel, who commented, “I cannot believe that no-one has designed this before.”

Following the announcement of the Gulfood Awards David said he received a vast number of enquiries about the product.